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ES Vacs

ES Vacs brings style, organization and cleanliness to your home.

We offer a full line of cleaning solutions to provide you an extensive range of options for commercial, corporate and residential installations. We feature an innovative central cleaning solution called Immaculate Home™ that makes keeping your home immaculate - a snap.

Visit our Immaculate Home page for more detail on all of our cleaning solutions.

What's New!

Bring real vacuum power and convenience to your garage with the Vroom Retract Vac retractable hose systems.

Cleanwise offers commercial-grade wet & dry central vacuums that also sanitize.

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Our goals are simple: we make frustration with cleaning solutions a relic from a clumsier past. Let us show you how simple it can be - to have enhanced cleaning solutions from anywhere in your home or business.
We are ES Vacs.

  • Immaculate Home™

Immaculate Home is a home that's absolutely spotless and stays that way. As we all know, the key to an immaculate home is not getting it immaculate - it's keeping it immaculate.

Immaculate Home™ is a suite of cleaning products that elevate the category from the mediocre, clumsy do-all based products to exceptional, purpose-built products. We feature leading edge cleaning products that are within reach, easy to use and allow you to keep your beautiful home - immaculate.

Visit our Immaculate Home™ page for more detail on all of our cleaning solutions.


What's New

"The new Vacuflo cleaning products have changed peoples perceptions of central cleaning systems. Their products are just light-years ahead of anyone else in the market. You've got to try it out - you'll be as amazed as we were."

William F. Lamonica

President, ES Vacs

"Clean Wise cleaning solutions for commercial indoor applications like automotive or pet boarding are a great answer for a demanding environment."

William F. Lamonica

President, ES Vacs